Choosing an Airsoft Gun as a Beginner – Tips to Know

Tips for Choosing an Airsoft Gun for Beginners

Despair is most often the offspring of ill-preparedness – by following these tips for choosing an airsoft gun for beginners, then you will be ready when the real games begin.

Rushing into an airsoft gun purchase can result in an expensive purchase and wasted time. Why go with a sniper rifle when the infantry style SMG is more your speed? Picking a cheap model could fail under the duress of battle and long term use, not to mention it will look lame compared to your comrades (I recommend you check out the airsoft gun reviews by Airsoft Gun Guy when picking your first gun). Follow these beginners tips for choosing the perfect airsoft gun to start your career in simulated warfare.

Rules of the airsoft battleground

Clubs and sites all have their own rules, some strict and some basic. Before buying your equipment, check with your site or the teammates with whom you plan to practice. Safety is practiced at all reputable clubs, and most provide goggles and other standard minimum required gear.

Your team may require uniforms to practice or they may only have room for a certain type of position – you cannot join a team with a sniper rifle when that role is already filled; at the best you can be a backup, but your primary position, especially as a beginner, should be determined by the needs of your team. Some clubs do not allow certain weapons, and these guidelines should be determined before choosing an airsoft gun. In short, buy the gun your team needs and your club allows.

Which is your first role?

There must be a weapon or style that attracts you to airsoft. Below are a few popular ones to give you some ideas:

Section Leader – Not for beginners, but down the line you may develop the skills to lead. Usually leaders use an automatic weapon that allows for semi automatic and rapid fire functionality – allowing you to be fluid with your team’s needs.

Rifleman – The best place for beginners, and the bulk of every squad. You will use assault rifles like the AK47, M4, and AUG, dependent on your desired range. You can find some of the best rifles to get started here:

Sniper – Be warned that these rifles are the most expensive. The sniper or marksman provides support for the team and your roles on the team are limited.

Support Gunner – Armed with high-ammo supply automatic machine guns, this role is for the spray and pray lover. The guy who wants to channel his inner Al Pacino and shout “Say hello to my little friend” on the battlefield.

Our tips for choosing an airsoft gun for beginners have only scratched the surface. Consider cost and preference, and study before buying.